Part of running a successful farm involves using every tool in your arsenal to improve your crop yield. No matter where your farm is located, soil moisture management is one of the most important things to keep in mind. While research and irrigation are vital, there are several new and innovative technologies that can benefit you, too. Here are some tips and tricks for using technology and time-tested practices to manage soil moisture.

Research Crops’ Moisture Extraction Patterns

Before you can properly irrigate your crops and manage the moisture in the soil, you need to understand two very important things: how much water your crop actually needs, and at which depths the roots take most of the crops’ water. All crops are different; while some may take most of their moisture in the first few centimeters of soil, others may take their moisture from more than 20cm below the ground. You can find information about moisture extraction patterns online, and having this information at your disposal can help you make better decisions about irrigation and related technologies.

Choose the Right Type of Irrigation System for Your Crop

There are many types of irrigation systems designed for farms of all sizes. Flood, sprinkler, and drip irrigation are by far the most popular options, and each of these has several subtypes, as well. Remember that different types of systems are better for different types of crops; some are best for keeping the very top layer of soil moist while others work to provide moisture deeper under the ground. Once you understand your crops’ moisture extraction pattern, choosing the right irrigation system becomes simpler.

Consider Soil Moisture Sensors

Maximum yield and moisture control go hand-in-hand, so it is vital to know how much moisture is in your soil at all times. Physically walking out into your farm and testing moisture is simply not feasible for most farmers, but the good news is that there is technology that can help. Today’s moisture sensors are phenomenal when it comes to maintaining the perfect moisture balance, and they can be accessed remotely in a number of ways. Even your smartphone can serve as a monitoring device.

Utilize High-Tech Copolymer Irrigation Additives

With the proper irrigation and soil moisture monitoring technology in place, you may also want to consider methods for reducing water usage and providing a more stable source of water for your crops. AquiMax is a new copolymer product designed to do just that. It is injected directly into your water in your irrigation system, allowing it to flow throughout your fields. Once it reaches the soil, it penetrates downward and utilizes a unique polymer to absorb and retain moisture. These polymers make the moisture available to your crops as-needed, ensuring a constant balance that will improve yield significantly.

Soil moisture management is vital to improving yield, and it all starts with understanding how much moisture your crops need as well as your crop’s moisture extraction patterns. Once you have that information, you can choose irrigation systems and new technologies designed to make your job simpler and more effective.