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AquiMax® Turf Pro is a revolutionary co-polymer system designed to improve soil water availability for turf. With Micro Inversion Technology (MIT), AquiMax® Turf Pro is the first product to evenly distribute moisture-retaining polymer to the root zone with standard irrigation.

How AquiMax® Turf Pro Works

AquiMax® Turf Pro is a moisture retention product which is designed to be injected directly into irrigation systems, and readily travels from the injection point to the sprinkler emitter to exit the system. When the product reaches the soil, the surfactant in AquiMax® Turf Pro helps the long-chain polymer penetrate and distribute evenly throughout the soil profile. The controlled-activation emulsion inverts to form a white film that surrounds soil aggregates and swells to retain water. This increases the bank of moisture that is available to turf throughout the growing season.

In a 2017 study at New Mexico State University, AquiMax® Turf Pro improved green color (NDVI) on most rating dates.

Drought conditions caused a decline in turf cover in the study area. Plots treated with AquiMax® Turf Pro maintained significantly greater turf coverage during these periods.

Volumetric water content (VWC) was continuously measured with TDR probes hooked up to a datalogger. Measurements were taken in plots watered to replace 50% of ET (deficit) and 75% of ET (well-watered). AquiMax® Turf Pro increased VWC at both irrigation levels.

Pack Sizes: 2.5 gal, 30 gal, and 275 gal