Turf Product Page - Turf Lateral DG


AquiMax® Turf Lateral DG is a 100% active ingredient soil surfactant concentrate that enables precipitation and irrigation to penetrate through water resistant surfaces over time.

It controls water retention and helps to decrease the amount of water lost to evaporation and surface run-off. Regular use of AquiMax® Turf Lateral DG helps to reduce irrigation erosion and begins to rehabilitate poor draining, compacted soils that are susceptible to Localized Dry Spot (LDS). AquiMax® Turf Lateral DG is a water management tool that increases nutrient availability in the soil profile level where roots are actively growing. Allows flexibility of application methods in areas where solution based treatments can be problematic such as slopes, slit seeding operations and rehabilitation of compacted turf with core aeration or to correct the water resistance than can result from native area maintenance burning. Can be used as a seasonal residual wetting agent to reduce turf stress on sod farms, athletic fields and golf courses and is also recommended for irrigation management when planting ornamentals or to follow a hydroseeding operation.


Pack Sizes: 50 lb bag