AquiMax® on Drip-Irrigated Tomatoes in Central Valley, CA

2016 SynTech Research, Sanger, CA Roma Tomatoes for Processing on Sandy Loam Randomized Complete Block Design with 6 Replications

In this tomato study, plots were watered to replace either 100% or 70% of water lost through evapotranspiration (ET). AquiMax® irrigation technology was injected into surface drip irrigation with two applications at a rate of 1 gal/ac. The applications were made two weeks after germination, and then two weeks after flowering. The applications were made to avoid drought stress during important physiological stages of the crop’s development by increasing soil moisture. AquiMax® resulted in a 5% bump in yield at 100% ET replacement, and statistically similar yield with 30% less water.

Increased yield at 100% and 70% ET Replacement


Research plots for tomato trial in Sanger, CA.
Conducting replicated research with irrigation injection requires a complex layout of surface drip tape.
Adequate moisture was critical for growing tomatoes in this dry, sandy loam soil.