AquiMax® Improves Economic Value of Potato Production


2015 Miller Research, Aquecia, ID Russett Burbank Potatoes on Loamy Sand Randomized Complete Block Design with 4 Replications

AquiMax® irrigation technology was applied through a simulated linear overhead irrigation system. AquiMax® was applied at the time of tuber initiation and then two weeks later at a rate of 1 gal/ac. The applications were made prior to stress periods to avoid drought stress during important physiological stages of the potato’s development. Application of AquiMax® improved yield by 27 cwt per Acre, and improved economic value of the crop by $471/ac for processed and $800/ac for fresh potatoes. AquiMax® also increased the concentration of NO3– and K in leaf petioles on 7 August, 2015.


Processed and fresh potato market value increased by $800/ac

AquiMax® improved economic value of processed and fresh potato production.

10% increase in Petiole Nitrate

 AquiMax® increased the concentration of NO3and K in leaf petioles.

AquiMax® injection into simulated linear gradient irrigation system at Miller Research, Acequia, ID. (Photos: Miller Research)