Video Transcript

We’ve done many replicated trials with universities but there is a lot of value in doing real world product trials with growers on large acre farms. We’ve don many trials with growers in different cropping systems both annual and permanent. Recently in 2016, we did an almond trial in the Central Valley of California and on very sandy soil with newly planted almonds. So there was a sixty acre farm and we treated thirty acres and left thirty acres untreated.

The feedback from the grower after the first season was very positive. The product was very easy to inject into their surface drip irrigation system and they were able to clean out the products easily with water.

After that first year of three applications of the product, the growers felt that they could see a difference with the treated threes. Measurements of those trees at the end of the season show that there was an increase in trunk diameter and scaffolding diameter from the AquiMax treatment. These results mirror what we have seen in our replicated field trials and they make us really excited to use this product in orchard settings.


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