Drip Irrigation of AquiMax® Used to Add Fertilizer Boost to Commercial Tomato Cultivation

Tomatoes are an important crop across many parts of the world, so farmers work very hard to ensure they get the best possible yields and the healthiest fruits. Though there are many options for irrigation technology, AquiMax® is designed to enhance tomato cultivation by boosting soil moisture, reducing drying time, and even enhancing moisture balance throughout the soil. These things all lead to healthier, heartier crops.

The Need to Irrigate

Tomatoes are moisture-rich, and this means they must be able to pull ample moisture from the soil in order to remain healthy. Drought conditions occur through many parts of the US where tomatoes are grown, so it is important for farmers to use irrigation technology that allows them to avoid drought stress and keep their tomato plants moist. Such technology should also assist in reducing the time it takes for the soil to dry, thereby increasing the plant’s wilt threshold.

Recently, a study took a look at using AquiMax irrigation technology, which is a copolymer system designed to help the soil retain more moisture, all while balancing that moisture evenly throughout the treated area. The results of that study certainly speak for themselves. AquiMax® can help farmers avoid drought stress and produce better tomatoes, even with less moisture.

The SynTech Research Study

In 2016, a company called SynTech Research, located in Sanger, California, put AquiMax® to the test. They used the irrigation technology on Roma tomatoes planted in sandy loam and did a completely randomized application of AquiMax® on plants receiving 100% ET replacement and 70% ET replacement. The plants receiving AquiMax® got applications at a rate of one gallon per acre two weeks after germination and again two weeks after flowering, and these plants were kept in separate areas from plants receiving no treatment.

The results were obvious. In the areas receiving the AquiMax irrigation technology treatment, tomato cultivation increased by about 5% in both the crops receiving 100% ET replacement and those getting 70% ET replacement. This is a statistically relevant number because a 5% increase in yield can result in a similar increase in income. What’s more, because AquiMax® enhances the soil’s ability to hold and release moisture, thereby allowing the plants to avoid drought stress, there are fewer unmarketable tomatoes and crops were more consistent across the board.

Using AquiMax® for Tomato Cultivation

Tomato farmers in the US and abroad often face challenges, especially when it comes to growing their crops in dry conditions in soil types like sandy loam. Being able to control and maintain appropriate moisture levels is critical at each stage of the tomato plant’s life, whether it has only germinated or it has already begun to produce fruit. AquiMax® was designed to amend soil in such a way that tomato plants constantly have access to the water they need for nutrition and transpiration, which increases overall yield.

The application of AquiMax® through drip irrigation can enhance the yield of almost any crop, particularly during droughts and other times of stress. It can also assist in increasing the time between irrigation cycles, the production of marketable crops, and more.