Video Transcript

We’ve done an extensive amount of research to develop AquiMax. We’ve tested this product on a wide range of crops, over a broad range of geography, soil types and irrigation systems.

In addition to small plot research with universities we’ve also done a number of large scale trials on commercial grower farms. We conducted a trial with a commercial almond grower in the Central Valley of California. This was 60 acre field with second year almond transplants. And this field had some significant elevation changes.

What we did was we treated thirty acres of the field and we left the other thirty acres untreated. We had applied the product three times throughout the growing season and we injected it into surface drip irrigation at 40 PSI. We noticed that the application rate at the injection point was the same as what was coming out at the far end of that thirty acre treated lot. After one growing season, we saw that we had increased the trunk diameter and the scaffolding diameter of the treated trees.


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