Make Every Droplet Matter

Make Every Droplet Matter

up to 15% MORE YIELD


up to 30% Water Savings

Patented breakthrough technology

Injectable with all irrigation systems

Increases plant-available water in the soil

Optimizes water-use efficiency

Proven results in over 100 field trials across the country
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Don’t Stress Your Crop, Boost Every Drop

AquiMax® optimizes water-use efficiency by increasing plant-available water in the soil.

This patented breakthrough technology is the first to deliver a moisture-holding polymer evenly to the root zone.

The liquid formulation is easy to inject through all irrigation systems. Proven results in over 100 field trials across the country.

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Contact your local dealer to see if you qualify for a trial

Giving Back 30%

One of the key benefits of AquiMax is that it can provide the same yield using 30% less water. This 30% can reduce the amount of water used in irrigation globally by 1,114 million gallons per day which equals roughly 406 billion gallons per year saved. The impact of this reduction will help put fresh water back into the hands of the people around the world who need it most.