Ease of Use


Moisture retention polymer products have been around for decades but have traditionally been difficult to apply on large acreages. AquiMax® has a unique formulation that overcomes these application challenges.

AquiMax® is compatible with standard fertigation pumps and can be cleaned out with water, whereas most moisture retention polymer emulsions would require an oil flush.

AquiMax® has been tested in over 100 trials with center pivot, surface and subsurface drip, and underground sprinkler systems.

AquiMax® injected into subsurface sprinkler systems in turfgrass.
AquiMax® injected into a 30 acre surface drip-irrigated almond orchard in Central Valley, CA.
Standard 80 GPH fertigation pump injecting AquiMax® into a center pivot irrigation system.

“After extensive testing using AquiMax® with our piston-style injection pump, we found its injectability and clean-up to be superior in comparison to most soil moisture-retaining products on the market today.”

Garrett Nelson

Outside Sales/Technical Service Manager, Inject-O-Meter mfg.