Ag Product Page - Broadacre

Increased Yields for Commodity Acres

AquiMax® Broadacre is an injectable soil amendment that can increase plant-available water and improve soil moisture uniformity. 

AquiMax® Broadacre is a unique, patented soil amendment unlike anything else on the market. It gives corn and soybean growers a valuable tool for managing soil moisture by allowing them to choose what outcome is best for their economics. Field trials have shown that a grower can increase yield for both corn and soybean crops by adding AquiMax® Broadacre to their normal irrigation routine. Alternatively, if reduction of irrigation is more valuable to the grower, historical yield values can be maintained and irrigation can be reduced by using AquiMax® Broadacre to extend the available moisture in the soil.

Save Water by Reducing Irrigation Events While Maintaining Yield

For the first time, a moisture-retaining polymer has been formulated with a soil surfactant in a stable micro-emulsion that can be injected directly into center pivot irrigation systems. The surfactant carries the moisture-retaining polymer into the root zone, where it provides more plant-available water throughout the growing season. 

Soil Tension in Treated vs. Non-Treated Clay Loam

Pack Sizes: 2.5 gal, 30 gal, and 275 gal