AquiMax Turf Lateral


AquiMax® Turf Lateral is a powerful soil surfactant concentrate that enables precipitation and irrigation to penetrate through water-resistant surfaces almost immediately.

Helps to decrease the amount of water lost to evaporation and surface run-off by offering soil water retention qualities.

Regular use of AquiMax® Turf Lateral helps to reduce irrigation erosion and begins to rehabilitate poor draining, compacted soils that are susceptible to Localized Dry Spot (LDS).

Block Co-Polymer Wetting Agent

• Improves soil moisture uniformity
• Reduces hydrophobicity and localized dry spot (LDS)
• Increases water infiltration and penetration
• Increases water-use efficiency

Also available in Dispersible Granular (DG) form for dry application

Easier Application

Moisture retention polymer products have been around for decades but have traditionally been difficult to apply on large acreages. AquiMax® Turf Lateral has a unique formulation that overcomes these application challenges. AquiMax® Turf Lateral is compatible with standard fertigation pumps and can be cleaned out with water, whereas most moisture retention polymer emulsions would require an oil flush. AquiMax® Turf Lateral works with all irrigation systems, including micro jet and drip irrigation that may run in landscaped areas adjacent to turf areas.

Soil Water Retention Products

AquiMax® Turf Lateral maintains cover (New Mexico State University, 2015).

Soil Moisture Retention Products

AquiMax® Turf Lateral extends acceptable turf quality under drought conditions (New Mexico State University, 2015).

Water Retention Products For Soil

AquiMax® Turf Lateral reduces soil hydrophobicity (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013).

AquiMax® Turf Lateral increases soil moisture uniformity (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013).