AquiMax Turf Lateral


AquiMax® Turf Lateral is a powerful soil surfactant concentrate that enables precipitation and irrigation to penetrate through water-resistant surfaces almost immediately.

Helps to decrease the amount of water lost to evaporation and surface run-off by offering soil water retention qualities.

Regular use of AquiMax® Turf Lateral helps to reduce irrigation erosion and begins to rehabilitate poor draining, compacted soils that are susceptible to Localized Dry Spot (LDS).

Block Co-Polymer Wetting Agent

• Improves soil moisture uniformity
• Reduces hydrophobicity and localized dry spot (LDS)
• Increases water infiltration and penetration
• Increases water-use efficiency

Also available in Dry Granular (DG) form for dry application


Soil Water Retention Products

AquiMax® Turf Lateral maintains cover (New Mexico State University, 2015).

Soil Moisture Retention Products

AquiMax® Turf Lateral extends acceptable turf quality under drought conditions (New Mexico State University, 2015).

Water Retention Products For Soil

AquiMax® Turf Lateral reduces soil hydrophobicity (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013).

AquiMax® Turf Lateral increases soil moisture uniformity (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013).