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Turf is beneficial to the environment because it sequesters soil carbon, reduces erosion and runoff, and provides an ideal surface for golf and leisure activities. Turf is also one of the largest irrigated crops in the US-based on land area, and professional turf managers play a critical role in conserving water resources on this important crop. AquiMax® Turf products are uniquely designed to help improve water availability and uniformity for golf courses, athletic fields, sod farms, home-lawns, and commercial turf. AquiMax® Turf is a valuable tool that every professional turf manager needs to help conserve precious water resources across the landscape.

AQUIMAX® Turf Products

The AquiMax® Turf product line provides four unique formulas to help manage water in professional turf.

AquiMax® Turf Pro – AquiMax® Turf Pro is a unique wetting agent unlike anything else on the market. It has a patented co-polymer system that delivers moisture-retaining polymer evenly to the root zone, increasing plant available water throughout the growing season. AquiMax® Turf Pro is injectable and will work with any irrigation system where chemigation is utilized. It is also a great tool to reduce hand-watering with hose-end application.

AquiMax® Turf Pro DG – AquiMax® Turf Pro DG delivers the same benefits as AquiMax® Turf Pro but in an easy-to-apply dry granular formulation. This is the solution for keeping water in hilltops, knobs, and other areas that constantly dry out.

AquiMax® Turf Lateral – AquiMax® Turf Lateral is an industry-leading, premier EO/PO block co-polymer wetting agent. It is the best product for reducing localized dry spot and improving soil moisture uniformity on high-value turf areas like golf course putting greens, tees, fairways, and athletic fields.

AquiMax® Turf Lateral DG – AquiMax® Turf Lateral DG delivers the same industry-leading performance as AquiMax® Turf Lateral in a dry granular formula. The greens-grade granules are optimized for minimal mower pickup and even application on all turf areas.

AquiMax® Turf is a line of products designed to help with water management in professional turf. The turf industry has the potential to be leaders in water-conservation efforts in the landscapes of urban and suburban areas. Whether you are a golf course superintendent, an athletic field manager, a lawn care operator, or an environmentally-conscious homeowner, join us in our broader purpose to improve the availability of clean water to people across the world. Contact us for more information about AquiMax® Turf and learn how it can become part of your water management program.

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“We’ve switched to AquiMax® Turf Pro from another moisture-holding product. The old product worked great but was very difficult to apply. AquiMax® Turf Pro is extremely easy to apply and has been performing as well as the old product for reducing our hot spots between rainfall. AquiMax® Turf Pro has become an integral piece in our program to reduce our water use without paying the price visually.”

Andy Neiswender

Superintendent, Belleair Country Club, Clearwater, FL